Monday, March 15, 2010

Tonight's project! :)

This is not my idea, but I am sharing it with you all because I absolutely *LOVE* it and it is perfect for the Easter season and can even carry over for a year round decoration. :)

One of the local blogs that I follow is Tatertots and Jello; Jen has amazing ideas for decorating and you can usually make her projects with items laying around the house or in your craft room. Jen was vacationing in Hawaii so she had several guest bloggers do posts for her, this project is from one of her guest posters Erin and I am finishing up mine tonight. :) Her directions are really simple and easy to follow, she has pictures to show her steps as well.

I'll post pics of mine later... anyhoo... here is the link to the Egg Book Wreath on Tatertots and Jello's blog.

Sorry for all of you book lovers, because 1 book was sacrificed for this art project. :(

Supplies Needed for her project:
1 wreath- either foam, grapevine, etc- not the fir tree kind; although that could be cool too... (Found at Dollar Tree)

50 mini plastic fillable Easter eggs (I found mine at Winco for 88 cents; she found hers at Hobby Lobby)

1 book (Deseret Industries 50 cents)

Mod Podge (Michaels is where you can buy it- I've had mine forever, so can't remember how much it was)

Sponge paintbrush to apply Mod Podge

Ribbon to match the wreath size- or your own personal preference. :)

That's it!

Now have fun crafting your wreath and make sure to send her pics of your finished project! :)

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  1. I forgot, you also need brown coffee filters and a button if you want to make it *exactly* like hers. :/ Sorry.