Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun for tomorrow!

I can't wait to share this next project with you! Lately, I've been on a bit of a monogram and personalization kick, and try to do as much of it as possible on my more recent projects. ;) I remember hearing somewhere along the way that the "sweetest sound to most ears is the sound of their own name being pronounced correctly" so having an item with your name on it must be cool too. Right?

My daughter has several friends that have uncommon names, and finding a personalized gift for them has been a bit of a challenge. So, I like to face any challenge and conquer it, thus the project for tomorrow. :)

Homework for tomorrow's project is as follows: (This will make only 1 project)
1. Purchase the following items:
1 yard fabric of your choice (preferably a print)
1/3 yard coordinating fabric of your choice (preferably a solid)
1/3 yard fusible paper backed interfacing (the kind that makes your fabric into a sticker- if you're not sure what this is, ask a person who works there)
1 skein of embroidery floss (I use white usually, but you can pick any color to match fabric)

I hope your evening is relaxing and look forward to some fun crafting tomorrow!

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