Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If I can get 50 followers by this weekend March 28th...

Contest has ended. Come back soon for another giveaway!
**** Freebie Alert!! ****
I will give away 3 hair ties for your little girl or for yourself!

Follow me on here and leave a comment with the color combinations you would like.
I just had someone let me know of another option for this freebie... they can be made into a headband if hair is too short for a hair tie or barrette. We can figure this out if need be with the winner later! :)
I will post the winner on this Sunday, March 29th. :)

Good luck!!


  1. yay!! Good luck girl...If I win I will take whatever lovely ties you would like to make me for Avery ;) Haven't forgotten to call you, just been busy busy!! xo

  2. You keep amazing me with your ideas. Keep up the good work!
    Pink or brown would be are color choices!

  3. I love your crafts!! You know Morgan she would be happy with any color!! Hey I am making Morgan a couple of Easter dresses, if I give you extra fabric and everything else you need to make these....could you make her one? I'm crafty but not that crafty!! And I am going to be super busy!! PLEASE!!! LOVE your site by the way!!

  4. I have really enjoyed your craft ideas so far, keep it up! I would love to win any color hair tie for my girls, thank you!

  5. Love the dress!! You are very talented!! anything bright and colorfull for the summer time!

  6. These are way too cute! Syd would love any color, but like any other 5 year old, pink is the way to go! :)

  7. Super cute! I have a little boy so, um, no bows for him ... but I have super cute nieces!!

    Thanks for stopping by Our Journey and entering my Fabric Applique Awareness Ribbon Giveaway ... and thanks for the nice comment!

  8. Do you have a picture of your hair bows? I can put it on my sidebar and direct people over.


  9. Angela, you are just so creative! I haven't tried any of your projects yet, but I keep taking a look at your blog to see what you have. Any colors are fine with me too! I have an idea...how about an orange and black one...Go Beavs!

  10. I really like the dress you came up with. I have darling girls that would love these hair bows. My kids fav colors are blue,purple and black.
    TKS, Angela

  11. Adorable.... Even big girls love these!

  12. Thank you all for entering! :)

    This was so much fun to do! I am going to do another giveaway soon, so keep checking back to see what it is! :)