Friday, March 19, 2010

Library Totes! :)

My kids absolutely love going to the library. We end up with at least a dozen books by the time we leave between the three of us. Trying to manage the kids and balance the books getting to the car without dropping anything is what inspired this project. :)

This is the book I saw a similar project in, (from the library) and it was to show kids pointillism and the project was a flag. I thought what a great idea!! Plus, it could easily make other items too! :) Thus, the library tote hatched in my head and now you can make one too!

1 large canvas tote bag per project (I bought 3 at Jo-Anns for $3; used my 40% off coupon; they are usually $5)

80 grit sandpaper sheets (Home Depot for the project, but found some at Dollar Tree last night)

Carbon paper (this was tricky to find- I found it at Staples; only needed if you are tracing letters from a printed page)

Cookie cutters




Iron (not pictured)

Step 1: Trace letters for personalization on to back of sandpaper (rough side down) using carbon paper to make them exact. Note: the rough side of the sandpaper must be down for this project to work. Also, the letters will look backwards when you look at the rough side.

Step 2: Trace cookie cutter shapes on to back of sandpaper.

When you are finished tracing shapes/letters it should look like this.

Step 3: Cut sandpaper shapes out carefully.

Step 4: Arrange shapes/letters on bag to see if you need more.

Step 5: Color the rough side of the sandpaper in any way you like. Note: Make sure to color hard and thoroughly or the color will not transfer fully. :)

Step 6: Arrange colored shapes rough side down on your canvas bag.

Step 7: Iron shapes in place. Similar to when you would iron on a patch. **Note: This step should be completed by an adult to prevent child from burning themselves. **

Step 8: Carefully remove your shapes/letter to see if the color has fully transferred. Repeat this step if necessary.

That's it!!

Enjoy the tote, it could also be used for grocery bags. :)

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