Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 Tri-Bead Ornaments

I remember making different ornaments out of beads when I was little. I used to love making them to give away as gifts to my grandparents. I still love making a beaded project to give to someone as a gift for any occasion. The candy cane ornament is one of the very first ornaments I can remember making. It is really an inexpensive craft to make; for less than $5 you can make about 30 candy canes either for your Christmas tree or for your little one to give away as gifts to their little friends or to family. The Christmas wreath is also very inexpensive to make, and because it only uses 3 red beads, you can easily buy the supplies for both projects and spend about $7. An extra bonus to this project; both of my kids completed these in less than 15 minutes! :)

I am going to show you the wreath project first and then the candy cane. I will put the supply list for each individually.

30 Green Tri-Beads
3 Red Tri-Beads
1 Green Chenille Stem
24" Red Ribbon 1/8"-1/4" maximum width anything larger than that would dwarf the wreath
Note: I used 1/8" satin ribbon for this one today; but I have used 1/4" before and included a picture of that one.)

Step 1: Thread 10 green tri-beads on to the chenille stem.

Step 2: Thread 1 red tri-bead on to the chenille stem.

Step 3: Thread 5 green tri-beads on to the chenille stem.

Step 4: Repeat Step 2.
Step 5: Repeat Step 3.
Step 6: Repeat Step 2.
Step 7: Repeat Step 1.

Step 8: Turn the string of beads into a loop. Twist the ends together to bind it in a circle.

Step 9: Trim off excess chenille stem. Form wreath into a circle if not completed already.
Note: An adult should do the trim with scissors because the ends can be sharp and difficult to cut.

Step 10: Make a loop with the red ribbon. Make a knot. This will be the "hanger" for your wreath.

Step 11: Place knot on the seam of the chenille stem, and have each end of the ribbon on either side of the wreath.

Step 12: Tie a double knot with ribbon around wreath.
Note: Make sure the knot is on one of the faces of the wreath, or your finishing bow will not sit correctly.
Step 13: Tie a simple bow. Trim ends to desired length.

That's it! :)
Below is a picture of the wreath I made with 1/4" ribbon.

19 Clear Tri-Beads
18 Red Tri-Beads
1 White Chenille Stem

Step 1: Thread 1 clear tri-bead on to chenille stem.

Step 2: Thread 1 red tri-bead on to chenille stem.
Step 3: Repeat Step 1 and Step 2 (clear-red-clear-red, etc) until all tri-beads are on chenille stem.

Step 4: Trim chenille stem to approximately 1/4" from last clear bead.
Step 5: Bend each of the ends to secure beads in place.

Step 6: Make a hook shape with your beaded stem.

That's it! :)

Proudly showing off their latest creation!

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