Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Tree Barrette

I made another barrette out of buttons, this one is really easy. Katie has had several of her little girlfriends request one for themselves. This tutorial is actually the tree her friend Julia requested. :) This barrette takes about 5 minutes from start to finish to make. So, have fun and make several to give away to special little girls that you know! :)

Glue (both Elmer's and hot glue)
1 yellow button (smaller than the smallest green button)
3 green buttons (large, medium and small)

Step 1: Arrange buttons to make your tree.

Step 2: Hot glue large and medium sized buttons together as shown below.

Step 3: Hot glue small to medium & large sized buttons together as shown below.

Step 4: Hot glue yellow button to small green button as shown below.

Note: Your buttons will not sit completely flat. You will have a stair-step collage of buttons.

Step 5: Align your button tree to your barrette. Hot glue your tree centered on the barrette.

Step 6: Place several Elmer's glue dots for your "ornaments" on the tree.

Step 7: Sprinkle glitter on to glue dots to complete "ornaments."

That's it! Very easy and very quickly done! :)

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