Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snowman Picture frame

This project is one that I had for my brother-in-law's 1st grade class last year. This year, I changed it just a little bit, so now instead of only using it for one year, you can use it year after year by changing the picture. :) Hope you enjoy making your indoor snowman with your little ones.

4 wide craft sticks
12" silver twine
1 piece 4" x 4" black fun foam
1 piece 4" x 4" white fun foam
1 pieces 6" x 6" white fun foam
1 piece 1" x 2" orange fun foam
1 photo of your child
White acrylic paint
Black acrylic paint
Scrap of paper (used to make hat template)

Tools needed:
Paint plate
Cotton swab
Paint brush
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Make a circle on 1 of the pieces of white fun foam and a square 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" on the other; as shown below.

Step 2: Cut shapes out of white fun foam.

Step 3: Create desired hat shape on scrap of paper.
Step 4: Trace hat pattern on to black fun foam.

Step 5: Cut shape out of black fun foam.

Step 6: Cut triangle shape out of orange fun foam. (This is your snowman's carrot nose.)
Step 7: Pour some black paint on to plate. Use cotton swab to make snowman's eyes and mouth. Let dry completely.

Step 8: Put some white paint on plate. Paint the 4 craft sticks. Let dry completely.

Step 9: Make an "L" shape with 2 of the craft sticks. Glue where the two craft sticks meet.

Step 10: Repeat Step 9 for remaining 2 craft sticks.
Step 11: Make a square frame by connecting the two "L" shapes. Set aside.
Step 12: Glue carrot nose to your snowman's face.

Step 13: Glue your snowman's hat to his head.

Step 14: Fold your silver twine in half. Make a knot about 1/2" from looped end. (This will become part of the hanger for your picture frame. Set aside.

Step 15: Glue your snowman's head to the frame set aside in Step 11.

Step 16: Turn over snowman frame, with head facing away from you. Place 2 drops of glue on the back of the frame as shown below, place 1 end of silver twine (from Step 14) on each drop. See photo for clarification.

Step 17: Glue 3 sides of the 4-1/2"x 4-1/2" white fun foam to back of frame. (This will allow for you to change the photo year after year.)
Step 18: Cut child's photo to fit in frame.

That's it!

Showing off their snowman frames. :)

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