Monday, December 7, 2009

Hairclip Holder

All of the hair clips I've made in the past few weeks, seem to have been finding themselves everywhere but where they are supposed to be as my daughter gets ready for school each day. So, I have decided to make a place for them to go, that is cute and functional! :)

This project took a lot more time to complete than I had originally expected. Please read through all of the directions before doing this project. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail me or comment on this blog and I will answer you as fast as possible. :)

From beginning to end it took just under 2 hours to complete, but I finished it and even my husband thinks it is "cute." (that was his exact word too!)

1 skein of yarn (choose any color I chose a beige color because my daughter is blond)
1 3" x 5" oval plaque
Paint- I used Americana brand:
Peony Pink
Lamp (Ebony) Black
Snow (Titanium) White
Flesh Tone
True Blue
Honey Brown
Scrap of ribbon (I forgot to take the picture of it)
Hot Glue gun

Step 1: Paint the oval plaque Flesh Tone.

Step 2: Measure out 28" of yarn, and make a loop. Repeat this until you have 75 loops.

Step 3: Tie a strand of yarn on one of the ends of your loop. This will become the "middle part" for the hair later.

Step 4: Sketch the face of your girl. Make sure you take in account any "bangs" you may give this little face. :)

Step 5: Paint the face to your own liking. (I made mine have blue eyes like my daughter.)

Step 6: Put a large drop of glue on your plaque. Quickly adhere the yarn loop where you made your "part," refer to photos below for clarification.

Step 7: Cut the other side of the loop. You will have 2 sides of "hair" now.

Step 8: Remove 10 strands of yarn from each side. These will become the "bangs."

Step 9: Place a line of glue across the forehead, and press all of the yarn in place. Trim to desired length.

Step 10: Braid one side of the hair. Secure end of braid with a strand of yarn by double knotting it in place. Trim excess.

Step 11: Repeat Step 10 for the other side.
Step 12: Paint a shirt onto the plaque as shown below.

Step 13: Tie ribbon to the end of each braid and trim excess. Secure the bow with glue. (This will make sure it doesn't get untied and keeps in place.)

That's it! ;)

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