Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorry, for the lack of posts

Unfortunately, I have had several health issues that have hit me beginning around Christmas of last year and have been on-going. I hope things work out soon; and once they do, I promise to post plenty of projects for you to do with your little ones. :)

Until then, I found a project that I absolutely love and want to share it with you. The project even if you had to go out and purchase all of the supplies would be less than $5 and you could make a dozen of these rose barrettes. :)

These are so simple to put together- this barrette only took me 5 minutes to complete from beginning to end. I had my daughter cut out the patterns (available for download on the purlbee site) after I drew them on the felt, and then stitched them up for her. Quick and easy project that can be done with your child, for your child or niece, birthday present for a little girl, etc. You could easily modify this for a headband or brooch too. Enjoy!! :)

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