Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Okay, they (don't remember who 'they' are- but there are several) say that when people don't know each other very well, and don't know what exactly to say to keep awkward silences at bay, discuss the weather. Really? The weather? Makes sense if you think about it. I'm not going to digress any further though on this thought process. :)

What I am going to do, is come up with some ideas for rainy day activities. My youngest one is sleeping on the couch, the 4-legged one is equally passed out on the floor next to him, and I am click-clack typing this blog post watching the rain pour down like someone is literally washing my windows with a garden hose. The sky is a very cool gray color though- almost a silver color. (Insert your favorite saying about every cloud has a silver lining.)- here - ha ha

Rainy day activity list:
1. Stamp fingerprint art with the kids.
2. Take pictures of activity.
3. Post on blog later. :)
4. Enjoy some hot chocolate with the kids too.

Sounds like a fun day- even when the weather isn't so nice out. :)

Hope you all have a great day!


  1. Well, I can definitely tell you that when you live in a country, and specifically in a house where you don't speak the language, talking about the weather is the way to go :) hope you enjoyed your rainy day :)

    1. The rainy day was fun after all. :) The kids and I played games instead of crafting. :) Games are always a fun option- especially when the kids make up their own rules! ;)