Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Craft Hope- Project 16

I love showing my own 2 kids and Girl Scout troop, how even 1 child can make a BIG difference in the world, not just locally, but globally. I recently (when I say this, I mean within the past few months) found Craft Hope. Jade Sims runs Craft Hope with a few other people and have implemented several projects that can bring in communities from around the world - literally - to make an impact in a big way, one completed project at a time.

My Brownie Girl Scout troop decided as a group to participate in Craft Hope's Project 15- Sock Monkeys to help out kids that were either burn victims or lost everything in Texas due to the wildfires. The girls were so excited to share with a child they had never even met. It was a very heartwarming, rewarding and wonderful experience for all of us. My kids constantly asked me about how many monkeys had been collected for other kids, and when the project was finished, she had over 300 monkeys. Amazing. I can honestly say, that this project makes my heart smile (not just because I love sock monkeys either) and even as I'm writing this post, I'm thinking of how some of those monkeys put a smile on someone's face. ♥

My Girl Scout Troop showing off their sock monkeys.

So... Jade has put together another heart warming project for us to participate in. It is making beanies and bags for kids that are fighting cancer. I can't even begin to describe how much this project is screaming to me to get involved. I honestly couldn't wait to hear what she was going to tell us, she had been teasing us on Facebook for a couple of days. Now she has told us, it is for the littlest warriors, read her project page information, and then tell me you don't want to rush out to Joann's, Hancock Fabric, any other local fabric store and purchase a bunch of fleece to whip up some of these in an afternoon?

Look at this little guy... how can you resist?? I know I can't! :) Source: Craft Hope

I've got a pattern in mind, just not sure how to modify it for all the kids involved. I would love to make sure they fit, and have more than just one size. My heart and head are about to explode with all of the ideas I have for her newest project. I will be posting pictures of my beanies as I finish them up. I might even be able to figure out a way to post my pattern if I can draw it up and have it work. :)

I will sign this one off for now. :)

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