Monday, January 30, 2012

Keepin' it real

One of my resolutions this year was to get my blog up and rolling again. Like every new year resolution that I have made in the past (because I am really bad about some things) this one was about to fall to the wayside and get forgotten after the first couple of weeks.

However... I made a decision to not only get my blog up and movin' but to revamp it. Hence, the whole new look, of not just focusing on crafts with kids, but to make it more getting involved with your kids, spending time doing crafts on your own (because it is important to take care of you too), recipes, etc. So, the new and improved blog has begun to emerge- and I have to say, it has become something that I look forward to writing each day. Like catching up with a friend over a cup of coffee, writing for has become less daunting, because I have decided to write how things are- not how they should/could be, but how they are today. No more of the highlight reels to showcase life, this is off of the editing floor, and it is quite liberating.

I'm not going to post a "you need to go do this - now!" sort of entry every day. I'm also not going to feel guilty about not posting some awesome project either- believe me I have had my share of project "fails." Honestly, there are also days, like today, that it is literally zapping all of my energy to just type this post up. That is an entirely different subject- not sure how to approach that one, but I might just in case it helps someone else.

Most of the people that read my blog are my family and friends, some of you I have known for years, some of you I have only "met" through cyberspace, others I have yet to meet you; but I do enjoy reading all of your comments. I also like to look at my stats to see where exactly my traffic is coming from, and I am truly amazed at some of the places. I found out that I had one of my posts referenced in a blog that was entirely in Spanish. Pretty cool, considering I only know enough Spanish to get into trouble- but learning how to speak Spanish is on my resolution list for this year too.

With all of that being said, I will sign off for now. I will post again later- not tonight, maybe not even tomorrow, but when I do, I hope that you'll stop by and say hi. :)


  1. I have had the random experience of having "traffic" from strange Russian servers. I'm pretty sure they're not even connected to real people, but I love watching my stats grow too :) enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing :)

    1. I too have some from Russia. :) Either way, I agree with you, it is fun. :)