Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mailboxes for Mantle

This was the *easiest* project I've done in a long time. Here is the link through Pinterest that I used for my inspiration. :)

I went to Target and in the dollar bins they had these adorable little mailboxes for just a dollar!! I think they are absolutely adorable! They only had the 4 colors, and so each one of us in this house have our own color. :)

After going to Target, I went to my one of my favorite places to grab craft gear, Dollar Tree. :) The candlesticks were only $1 as well, so this project costs $2 per mailbox/stand. :)

I didn't take pictures of how to do this, because it is simply gluing the centered mailbox with hot glue to the candlestick. Easy peasy.

I placed them on my mantle, just waiting for them to get filled with little Valentine notes to the kiddos and hubs. :) In our house, we don't like the over commercialization of Valentine's Day, we feel that if you love someone you need to show them *all* of the time, not just on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. so, we are writing little notes whenever we want to, and then placing them in the mailbox for the recipient to "get mail." :)

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