Monday, December 19, 2011

Homemade Gifts for Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, Neighbors, etc. :)

Lately I have been pretty obsessed with sugar scrubs. Seriously. I think that I have a new addiction to the sweet goodness that leaves my skin feeling as soft- if not softer than my 5 year old. How cool is that? :)

Anyhoo... if you don't know what a sugar scrub is, then let me fill ya in real quick. A sugar scrub is a natural exfoliator that you can use on your hands, feet, body - wouldn't recommend your face though, might be too rough/coarse for sensitive areas- to get that extra dry skin off so you can moisturize it into being smooth and silky. The bonus is that these scrubs are very inexpensive and can be whipped up with stuff you have in your kitchen cabinets right now. The basics are sugar and oil. That's it. Easy peasy. Now of course, smelling like oil isn't probably high on your "oh my goodness, I have to make that sugar scrub now!" list but hey- I said it was the basics. ;) That's why you have to add the other ingredients to make it smell super yummy!

If you head over to Brown Eyed Baker's site you can find a delicious recipe for a Brown Sugar and Spice scrub. If you would like something a little more citrus in flavor head on over to Under the Table and Dreaming for her lovely Lemon Scrub- a personal fave of mine.

In case those don't hit the spot for ya, you can go to C & H's website and get three different recipes for sugar scrubs a vanilla, spiced, and another brown sugar one too.

Now... if you haven't found a particular recipe mentioned above to inspire you to go raid your cabinets for some delightful gifts you can seriously whip up in less than 5 minutes, you can always order Erin's e-book A Year of Sugar Scrubs 24 Original Recipes for only $3.99!! I just won a copy of this from Tatertots & Jello, and let me tell ya- it is awesome!! I love how she has different flavors for different times of the year. The Caramel Frappe one, the Pina Colada one... I'm just trying to decide who to give them to! :)

So... if you are running out of time for Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life, whip up one of these little jars of pampering goodness. I promise- you won't be sorry. :)

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