Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This place is awesome! If you haven't checked out Groupon yet; you *have* to do it! You can get some screamin' deals on stuff you would normally buy anyway- but for about half the price or better in some cases!! *Bonus* :)

If you're not sure if they are in your area, you can click on the tab that says "Visit More Cities" to see if they are near you or near a city you might be vacationing in this summer - if they aren't you can always send them an e-mail requesting they come to your area! :)

Hope you all have a great week! :)

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  1. We are crazy for Groupons too. Just this last week or so we've bought veggie plants, opera tickets and carpet cleaning.

    Thanks so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. I have a damaged whiteboard at home too and I'm going to paint it with chalkboard paint and add a frame. That way I'll still be able to use its magnetic-ness and we'll be able to write on it again. I'll let you know how it goes.